Deng Cai (蔡登)

I am a senior researcher at Tencent AI Lab. I recieved my PhD from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I was advised by Prof. Wai Lam. Before that, I was a MS student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University supervised by Prof. Hai Zhao. In the past, I also worked with Meta AI, Amazon AWS AI, Microsoft Research Redmond, and Alibaba DAMO Academy.

I have a broad interest in natural language processing and machine learning. My work spanned from fundamental language analysis (e.g., semantic parsing) to real-world NLP applications (e.g., chatbots & translation). From a systematical view, my research is driven by the ultimate goal of building more interpretable and extensible NLP systems. To achieve that, my research has revolved around symbolic semantics and reasoning (ACL20, AAAI20, EMNLP21), and explicit and external memory (EMNLP20, NAACL19, ACL21, ICLR23)

My current research focuses on large language models:

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